SKINCARE FIRST! 12/12/2010
As it is cheaper and easier for me to create skincare, i will be brining it first through my brand HoD COSMETICS before the makeup, as i want to slowly intergrate my philosophy and ingredients into my makeup through various tinted products using skincare ingredients mixed in with powders, mineral products, moisturisers etc...

I will create the first few ranges for different skin types soon, SOOTHING - Sensitive. BALANCING - Oily/Combi . HYDRATING - Dry. REFRESHING - Normal. Each containting a cleanser, toner & moisturiser to make things simple for you. Then possibly ccreate othere products such as serums, night creams, eye and lip creams etc...

So look out for 100% natural organic skincare....


    Job: Makeup Artist
    Age: 21
    Fav Color: Peach
    Fav Cosmetic Product: Lipstick
    Fav Singer: Enya
    Fav Movie: Breakfast at Tiffanys
    Fav Cultural Icon: Batman
    Fav Era for Makeup: 40s & 80s
    Fav Type of Brush To Use: Eyebrow Definer
    Main Influence: People & Winter
    Fav Inspirational Person To Makeup: Richard Sharah (Creator of the New Romantic Look)


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