About The Company

 HoD COSMETICS are a handmade original makeup brand that offers a small & simple yet high quality products. The brand started out by Daniel Sherriff CEO & Creator of THE HAUS OF DIAMONDS which was made to be a freelance production company that helps style and create background production for various visual arts and media performances, also create music, art, collaborating with fashion designers and also various beauty and makeup treatments which was the basis to create a professional fashion forward look to the company was to utilise and edit beauty ideas and introduce it into other spectrums such as music, film, internet media etc. And the idea for the HAUS OF DIAMONDS to create makeup and use it in collaborations and other various things was at the begining of the company and is now one of the main creations focused on by Director, Daniel Sherriff.

Starting out on the Haus of Diamonds label there will be HoD SKINCARE first as it is easier and cheaper to create than makeup and alot more people are buying skincare these days with every second of the day a new product comes out. Im not here to give anti aging products, aromatherapy based products or things like that, its just going to be 100% natural ingredients and organic extracts. The line will be split into the different skin types, oily, combi, dry etc, and there will be a line for mature skin with anti aging ingredients, but it will be a mature range, nothing to insult anyone at all.

Works are underway to create either a specific cleanser, toner and moisturiser for each type, and then night creams and moving on later into eye creams and late night treats, but to keep the philosophy of things simple and easy, there will be 3 items in each category of skin type to make your shopping easy, with live review videos, recomendations and also tips on how to use the products and indepth explanation of the ingredients of what they can do for your skin and how it can help.